Wheatfield Academy

Christian Therapeutic Boarding School | Boys 13–17

Wheatfield's Mission

Wheatfield Academy is a therapeutic, faith-based boarding school for young men ages 13–17, located in Wheatfield, Indiana. We are committed to loving and bringing hope to struggling teens and hurting families. 

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Who We Help

Academic Issues

Suspension, expulsion, or falling behind in school etc.

behavioral issues

Attention Deficit Disorder, anger, defiance, disrespect for authority, or attachment disorder etc.

Struggling with family integration

Adoption, blended family, or death of a family member etc.

Struggling With Mental Health

Early childhood trauma, Depression, Self Harm, Suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, anxiety or substance abuse etc.

Program Pillars

We believe our faith-based values are the difference between short-term and lasting change.


Knowing who you are through the lens of not only a Christian worldview, but through the eyes of Jesus is the core of who you are today and who you will become tomorrow.


It all begins at home with the family. It is our duty to raise our children well.


We seek to put his kingdom on display even in the most mundane tasks.


As we grow in our relationship with God the Father, we find a desire to serve others and see them grow too.

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