Caribbean Mountain Academy was a unique Christian Therapeutic Boarding School located in the Dominican Republic that brought hope and solutions to struggling families and troubled teens. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances like the COVID pandemic, which impaired our ability for two years to secure and maintain an ample number of students and qualified staff, we had to close Caribbean Mountain Academy. While it is difficult to close a chapter of our history that includes so many changed lives, we are happy to begin a new chapter at Wheatfield Academy. 


Wheatfield Academy is a therapeutic, faith-based boarding school for young men between the ages of 13 and 17 located in Wheatfield, Indiana. Here we will continue to accomplish the same great mission of helping young men struggling with behavioral and mental health issues and their families. By closing Caribbean Mountain Academy we are not losing our mission, we are merely changing zip codes where we’ll continue to accomplish with God’s help the same great mission that we’ve pursued for years.